"You seem to be a considered person," a pastor once told me.

If you are trying to lead a movement, convincing everyone the issue is "cut and dry" "Cut and dry" means there is a single obvious conclusion that is morally and ethically correct. All other conclusions, regardless of any reasoning behind them, are easily dismissed as uninformed thinking that will obviously be seen in a couple of decades as being "on the wrong side of history." is effective at assembling consensus and motivating action. But if you are the leader, a "cut and dry" approach is typically the fastest way to ensuring divisions remain and preventing action.

Therefore, I value understanding everyone's perspectives and incentives. This typically results in many ways to view an issue. But this takes training and failed attempts at showing humility and patience. Yes, this is basically a blog, but I want to encourage nuanced thinking. So for everything I write, standard disclaimers apply.